Jade Corkill: Wife, Podcast, Heeling Tips, Net Worth

Jade Corkill is cracking out for the summer run with a new horse in JLC Royal American, a new partner in Clay Smith and a new outlook on heeling steers.

Three-time World Champion Heeler Jade Corkill spent most of 2018 in a self-imposed sabbatical from the sport of team roping.

Jade Corkill: Wife, Podcast, Heeling Tips, Net Worth


Haley Corkill

By the time Smith asked Corkill to rope, Corkill had already promised Luke Brown he’d fill in for Paul Eaves in California while Eaves was at home for the birth of his second child. Corkill was flawless for Brown, and they won over $40,000 on the California run between the rodeos and jackpots. 


Corkill goes over his week of rodeoing and shares his perspective on rodeo today. He also talks about his new partner Clay Smith. 

Shaffer and Gustave also go over more big money earners in the PRCA team roping ranks, the shuffle in the Resistol Rookie standings and more. 

On this episode of The Short Score, hosts Chelsea Shaffer and Kaitlin chat with Jade Corkill about his top dollar Cowboy Christmas run. 

Heeling Tips:

Jade Corkill: Wife, Podcast, Heeling Tips, Net Worth

The easiest way to explain how I use my left hand in my delivery is that it’s a joystick—one that I use to keep a straight, tight line between my coils and my hondo.

If you watch videos of me roping, my left hand is always moving up and down, adjusting to the situation I’m in. It took me years of thinking about it for it now to be second nature, but it’s something I’ve worked on a lot in the last six years.

Net Worth:

Jade Corkill has an expected total assets of under $500,000. Jade’s absolute profession income are $2,047,561, out of which his 2020 profit remain at $155,011.

His ordinary occasional income total up to around $110 570. His significant ordinary season wins were at San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo ($12,000) and The American Rodeo ($8,000).


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