Is Adele Engaged To Rich Paul? Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, Ambrose

Adele is currently dating Rich Paul, a 39-year-old American sports agent. Despite the fact that they got an official Instagram account in September 2021,

Is Adele Engaged To Rich Paul? Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, Ambrose
Is Adele Engaged To Rich Paul? Boyfriend, Ex-Husband, Ambrose

There’s a lot going on in Adele’s world right now after she’s been out of the spotlight for a few years. But in 2021, she’ll more than makeup for it with a new record and a new partner in her life.

Adele’s fresh new album 30, as well as a special TV performance to unveil her new music, is set to be released in November. Offstage, she’s got a new beau, and fans are curious as to how serious their relationship is.

Is Adele Engaged To Rich Paul?

Adele was seen out with her new partner and photographed wearing a gold band around her ring finger, which fueled engagement rumors.

Nothing has been confirmed, and it appears to be more of a fashion accessory than an engagement ring (but never say never). The ring was chunky and wrapped around the finger, with one sharp end.

Adele’s divorce from Simon Konecki was only finalized earlier this year, so we doubt she’ll want to be married again right now.

Adele and Rich Paul were seen holding hands and looking all loved up as they left the London Palladium, where she taped An Audience With Adele, on November 6th. In terms of anything else, the couple appears to be enjoying each other’s company and getting to know each other’s family and friends at the present.


Adele is currently dating Rich Paul, a 39-year-old American sports agent. Although they became Instagram official in September 2021, they were first photographed together in May 2021, and Paul admitted to “hanging out” with a pop singer in a New Yorker feature at the time.

Rich Paul is the founder of Klutch Sports Group, which represents a number of well-known NBA and NFL players, including LeBron James. In the year 2012, the company was established. He also serves as the president of UTA Sports.

Paul lived in Cleveland, Ohio, until 2019, where he was born and raised, and now resides in Los Angeles.


Why did Adele and her ex-husband, Simon Konecki, divorce? What the singer had to say after the release of his new track “Easy On Me”

Adele divorced her ex-husband Simon Konecki when she was 30 years old — she is now 33 years old. Rich Paul, a 37-year-old sports agent from Cleveland, Ohio, is her new boyfriend.

Konecki currently lives across the street from the singer, and their son Angelo is shared between them.

Adele had previously been reported to have married Konecki in 2016, but she revealed to Vogue that this was not the case; instead, they married in 2018. In 2019, she filed for divorce.

“The timeframe of my relationship, my marriage, that the press has is actually entirely inaccurate,” she added. “We married when I was 30 years old… and then I walked away.”

“It was just not appropriate for me anymore,” she explained. “I didn’t want to end up like so many of my friends.” I wasn’t miserable, but I would have been miserable if I hadn’t prioritized myself. But, you know, nothing awful happened or anything.”

Adele has stated that the song and album were written to explain the divorce to her kid.

“I wanted to explain to him through this record, when he’s in his twenties or thirties, who I am and why I willfully chose to deconstruct his entire life in the pursuit of my own pleasure,” Adele told Vogue of her new album.

“At times, it made him quite miserable.” And that’s a big wound for me, one that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to heal.

Adele Ambrose

Last week, Adele Ambrose received some special guests to help her celebrate her 91st birthday. On Thursday, the birthday girl sat near a window wearing a sparkly tiara while New York State Police and firefighters drove past her Long Island home with sirens blaring.

As the vehicles passed, Ambrose became upset in a video that police released on Facebook. In Riverhead, New York, she has a special relationship with the state troopers. Ambrose has been cooking Thanksgiving dinner for them for almost 40 years.


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