Haslam Family Scores Big with $3.5B Purchase of Milwaukee Bucks from Marc Lasry

Marc Lasry agrees to sell Bucks to Haslams for $3.5B
Marc Lasry agrees to sell Bucks to Haslams for $3.5B

In a surprising turn of events, it has been announced that Marc Lasry, the co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks NBA team, has agreed to sell the franchise to the Haslam family for a staggering $3.5 billion.

The Haslams, who are the owners of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, has reportedly been in talks with Lasry for several months, and it seems that they have finally come to an agreement.

The sale is expected to be completed in the coming weeks, pending approval from the NBA’s Board of Governors.

For Lasry, the sale represents a significant return on his investment. He purchased the Bucks for $550 million in 2014, and the team has since become one of the NBA’s most successful franchises, winning the championship in 2021.

The Haslams, meanwhile, are no strangers to sports ownership. They have owned the Browns since 2012 and have overseen a major turnaround for the once-struggling franchise.

With their acquisition of the Bucks, the Haslams are set to become major players in both the NFL and NBA, solidifying their position as one of the most powerful sports ownership groups in the country.

As for the Bucks, the team’s fans are sure to be watching closely as the Haslams take the reins. With a new era of ownership set to begin, there are sure to be plenty of exciting developments in store for one of the NBA’s most beloved franchises.


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