Former Jaguars Employee Accused of Embezzling Over $22 Million

Recent revelations have brought to light a concerning situation involving a former Jacksonville Jaguars employee, Amit Patel, who stands accused of embezzling more than $22 million from the organization. Patel, charged with wire fraud and illegal monetary transactions, served with the franchise from 2019 to 2023.

The Allegations and Defense

Initial reports indicated that Patel allegedly used his position to misappropriate funds from the Jaguars’ virtual credit card program (VCC). He is accused of exaggerating or fabricating transactions as legitimate business expenses. However, in a surprising turn of events, Patel’s lawyer, Alex King, released a statement claiming that Patel lost a significant portion of the stolen funds due to a gambling addiction.

“Almost the entirety of the funds Mr. Patel used from the VCC were spent on the gambling websites and efforts to win money back, with the anticipation he would repay the funds with the winnings and make the Jaguars whole.”

King stated in a release according to The Athletic.

King asserted that Patel had lost approximately 99 percent of the embezzled money in gambling and daily fantasy, attempting to offset his losses by using the stolen funds with the intention of repaying the organization.

Complications and Ongoing Investigations

Amit Patel was terminated by the Jaguars in February following allegations of wire fraud. Unfortunately, his gambling habits exacerbated the situation, leading to continued misappropriation of funds in an attempt to recoup significant losses.

“Mr. Patelโ€™s compulsive gambling only exacerbated the situation, and he continued to misappropriate funds in an effort to have gambling winnings offset his significant losses.”

King explained in a statement.

The lawyer’s statement revealed that Patel’s financial troubles intensified during the final months, prompting an investigation by the league. The organization clarified that Patel worked alone and did not involve any other employees in his scheme.

Disputed Allegations of a Lavish Lifestyle

Earlier reports suggested that Patel used the embezzled money for a lavish lifestyle, including purchases like a condominium, a Tesla Model 3 sedan, and a Nissan pickup truck. Additionally, he allegedly invested in cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens.

However, Patel’s lawyer disputes these claims, stating that the misappropriation was an ill-conceived attempt to repay gambling losses rather than fund a luxurious lifestyle.

Despite the legal complexities, Amit Patel is reportedly fully cooperating with investigations conducted by the Jaguars, the NFL, and the FBI. Furthermore, he has taken proactive steps by checking himself into a rehabilitation center to address his gambling addiction.



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