Brittney Griner deliberately refused to attend the performance of the US National Anthem before games, and even urged that the Anthem and flag ceremony be omitted in all games.

“I wonder how she feels now that she’s pleading the Red, White, and Blue to come to her aid?” Errol Webber, a former Republican congressional candidate, tweeted on Wednesday.

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Many Twitter users reacted angrily to the conservatives’ criticism, with one writing: “This is people’s irrational thinking when it comes to Brittney Griner.” That she should leave Russia because she used her freedom to demonstrate in an unpopular manner. No, she is an American, a veteran’s daughter, and everything should be done to bring her home.”

Conservatives are condemning Brittney Griner for her 2020 statements regarding abolishing the national anthem from WNBA games, with some equating her to those imprisoned during the January 6, 2021 Capitol riot.

Ms. Griner pleaded guilty in a Russian court to drug charges that may land her in jail for ten years.

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