Christian Horner: Sergio Perez’s Red Bull Seat “His to Lose” for 2025

Renowned Formula 1 figure Christian Horner has asserted that the future of Sergio Perez at Red Bull Racing is contingent upon the Mexican driver’s performance, stating unequivocally that the seat is “his to lose” for the upcoming 2025 season.

Perez’s Disappointing 2023 Season

The 2023 F1 campaign proved to be a disappointment for Sergio Perez, who entered his third year at Milton Keynes with high aspirations alongside teammate Max Verstappen. Despite his ambitions, the 33-year-old Mexican driver managed only two race victories, failing to match the prowess of his Dutch counterpart. Horner now makes it explicit that Perez faces the risk of losing his seat if there is no marked improvement in the forthcoming season.

Horner Emphasizes Performance under Pressure

Horner contends that Perez excels when placed under pressure, a recurring theme throughout his tenure at Red Bull. With Perez’s current contract expiring at the close of 2024, Horner underscores the necessity for the driver to elevate his performance to secure an extension for the 2025 season.

“Checo works best when he’s under pressure, that’s what I’ve seen with him in his time with us,” states Horner.

The Red Bull team principal dispels any assurance of Perez retaining his spot for 2025, emphasizing the imperative for consistent strong performances, including securing race victories. Horner reiterates Perez’s awareness of the team’s expectations and the need to deliver exceptional results.

“You know, he’s in the seat, it’s his seat to lose and I think there’s nothing preset for 2025, and we need him firing on all cylinders at 24 races next year to be scooping up the points, delivering race wins… He’s aware of that, he knows he needs to deliver.”

Sergio Perez’s 2024 Ambitions

Despite a considerable gap to Max Verstappen in 2023, Sergio Perez remains resolute about contending for the title in the upcoming 2024 season. Recognizing the importance of delivering satisfactory results to secure his seat and career at Milton Keynes, Perez acknowledges the necessity for improvement after a lackluster performance in the previous season.

Rumors of Driver Changes

Rumors circulate regarding Daniel Ricciardo being a potential contender for Perez’s seat in 2025, especially after the Australian driver’s mid-2023 return to AlphaTauri. Expressions of interest from various drivers to partner with Max Verstappen add further intrigue. Consequently, Perez faces the imperative task of showcasing his pace against Verstappen in the forthcoming season.

Challenges Ahead for Red Bull in 2024

Red Bull enjoyed a substantial advantage over its competitors in 2023, mitigating the impact of Perez’s subpar performance. However, the landscape could shift in the upcoming season as rivals strive to narrow the gap with the Austrian team. Hence, the pressure mounts on Sergio Perez to deliver stellar performances in 2024.

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