Carlos Sainz’s Strategic Approach: Learning from Fellow Drivers

Formula One demands drivers to delve deep into their skills, extracting every ounce of performance within reach. Seeking insights and benchmarks, drivers often turn to onboard footage, a valuable tool providing a window into the strategies of their counterparts.

Renowned driver Carlos Sainz strategically evaluates the racing footage of specific peers to enhance his performance across diverse tracks. His scrutiny is notably focused on Max Verstappen and Lando Norris, dissecting their pace and tactics. Additionally, Sainz finds merit in studying his compatriot Fernando Alonso’s onboards to glean wisdom from the seasoned 42-year-old’s race craft. Notably, he closely examines the performance of his teammate Charles Leclerc, who shares the same racing machinery.

“I obviously always look at Max Verstappen because he’s the one who’s usually the fastest to try to get close to what he’s doing, but I also look a lot at Lando Norris. Obviously also Charles Leclerc because he is my teammate. And then also Fernando Alonso, but especially his race performances.”

Sainz’s strategic utilization of these references proved effective in the Singapore Grand Prix, where he emerged victorious, disrupting Red Bull’s dominance throughout the 2023 season. Despite this achievement, uncertainties loom as Sainz, expressing loyalty to Scuderia Ferrari, awaits confirmation beyond the 2024 season.

Fred Vasseur Affirms Equality in Ferrari’s Treatment of Sainz and Leclerc

The 2022 Formula One season witnessed a notable gap between Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz, fueling speculation of a hierarchy within the team. Placing second and fifth, respectively, with a substantial 62-point difference, rumors circulated that Sainz would play a secondary role in the 2023 season.

However, Ferrari’s newly appointed team principal, Fred Vasseur, dispelled such notions, asserting equal treatment for both drivers. Vasseur substantiated his claim with evidence from the 2023 season, where both Sainz and Leclerc concluded with nearly identical points, defying the rumored hierarchy.

“We found ourselves here talking about first and second drivers, and I assured them that they would be treated the same way. And I think we proved it.”

Despite this commitment to equality, Ferrari fell short in the 2023 season, unable to close the gap to Red Bull. Furthermore, a setback in the final race at Abu Dhabi resulted in a demotion to third place in the Constructors’ Championship. The team has dedicated the winter break to rectifying shortcomings and aims for improved results in the upcoming 2024 season.

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