Breaking the Mold: Randy Orton’s WWE Transgression

The past week has been dominated by the buzz surrounding the returns of wrestling icons CM Punk and Randy Orton to WWE. While CM Punk’s comeback proved to be a historic moment in the company’s annals, it somewhat overshadowed the scheduled return of Randy Orton.

Despite this, The Viper’s presence on both weekly shows elevated the anticipation to a main storyline level. However, Orton’s enthusiasm inadvertently led to a significant rule violation on SmackDown, potentially resulting in future repercussions.

In the main event of the show, The Apex Predator signed the SmackDown contract, standing triumphantly alongside The Bloodline. SmackDown General Manager Nick Aldis, present to welcome Orton to the blue brand, found himself on the receiving end of a sudden and devastating RKO, breaking an explicit rule that prohibits WWE superstars from attacking officials, regardless of provocation.

Speculations and historical precedents suggest that Randy Orton may face suspension from SmackDown in the upcoming week at the hands of GM Nick Aldis. While such a move may be considered bold, adhering to established guidelines has been Aldis’s consistent approach since his appointment.

Notably, Jey Uso faced a substantial fine for attacking Jimmy Uso on SmackDown, and Kevin Owens was suspended by Aldis for assaulting Grayson Waller during his announcing duties. Aldis’s dilemma lies in wanting Orton on his show while also maintaining authority by addressing the transgression, possibly ensuring a hiatus between Orton and The Bloodline until Roman Reigns returns to construct a storyline effectively.

Adam Pearce’s Pursuit of CM Punk for Monday Night Raw

“Look in my eyes, what do you see?” were the poignant words that heralded CM Punk’s presence at Survivor Series: WarGames 2023. The WWE universe marveled at The Second City Saint’s return after nearly a decade of absence. The lingering question revolves around Punk’s inaugural feud and, more importantly, the brand where it will unfold.

Early rumors and recent developments on SmackDown hint at CM Punk aligning with Monday Night Raw. Randy Orton’s move to SmackDown has seemingly paved the way for Punk’s tenure on Monday Nights, with an official announcement expected in the upcoming episodes of SmackDown or Raw.

Although Punk’s current status allows him to appear on the blue brand next week, his primary allegiance appears to be with Raw. Adam Pearce, seizing the opportunity for increased viewership, is poised to secure Punk for Raw, potentially building a gripping rivalry around Punk’s historic feud with Seth “Freakin” Rollins.

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