A Peculiar Twist in the Holiday Clash: Kelee Ringo’s Double Penalty Dilemma

In a rare occurrence during Sunday night’s game, Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Kelee Ringo found himself entangled in an unfortunate “buy one, get one free” situation, adding an unexpected twist to the holiday season showdown.

The unusual incident unfolded as Ringo, in coverage against Dallas Cowboys receiver Brandin Cooks, committed a dual infraction on a single play. The cornerback reached out and grabbed Cooks’ facemask, a move that triggered not one but two penalties, proving to be a costly misstep for Ringo.

The Double Whammy:

Ringo’s action resulted in a pass interference penalty due to interference with Cooks’ route. Simultaneously, it incurred a facemask penalty, compounding the team’s woes. To make matters worse, this sequence unfolded on a critical third-and-six situation for the Cowboys, amplifying the impact of Ringo’s double penalty.

Highlighting the uniqueness of the situation, NBC rules analyst Terry McAulay remarked during the broadcast, “It is one of the rare cases where a team can get penalized twice on the same play.”

The Costly Consequence:

The repercussions of Ringo’s double penalty proved significant. The pass interference penalty, being a spot foul, combined with the 15-yard personal foul for the facemask, paved the way for a substantial yardage gain for the Cowboys. Seizing the opportunity, Dallas orchestrated a crucial drive downfield, culminating in a touchdown pass from Dak Prescott to Michael Gallup with just 20 seconds remaining in the half. This pivotal play propelled the Cowboys to a 24-6 halftime lead.


While the NFL witnessed an unusual and unlikely occurrence, Ringo’s inadvertent “buy one, get one free” moment is undoubtedly a play he would prefer to leave behind and not revisit.

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