Raul Rosas Jr Teeth, Wikipedia, Highlights, Weight

Raul Rosas Jr. created history on Tuesday night when, at the age of 17, he signed a deal with the UFC and became the organization’s youngest competitor. The Mexican-born fighter is also benefiting greatly from the agreement in terms of popularity.

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Raul Rosas Jr Teeth, Wikipedia, Highlights, Weight



People are admiring the teeth and face of rising young MMA fighter Raul Rojas Jr. after he defeated his competitor Gutierrez in a match.

However, it has been discussed on Reddit that it could be Pallister W Syndrome or Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. People may be interested in learning what happened to Raul Rosas’ teeth.


Raul Rosas Jr Teeth, Wikipedia, Highlights, Weight

Raul Rojas Jr. is a Mexican-based MMA and UFC fighter. Raul Rojas Jr. is a famous MMA fighter as he is the youngest MMA champion. Raul Rojas Jr. came into limelight on 20 September 2022 when he defeated his rival Fighter Gutierrez in an MMA fight.

According to the latest news Raul Rojas Jr signs his UFC contract on 2nd September. Raul Rojas Jr. is now officially a UFC Fighter and the youngest MMA and UFC Fighter as he is just 17 years old.


After participating in Dana White’s Contender Series, Raul Rosas Jr., then 17 years old, signed the youngest contract ever for a fighter with the UFC.

After Rosas defeated 25-year-old Mando Gutierrez on Tuesday night, White, the veteran president of the UFC, reportedly offered him a contract, according to ESPN’s Marc Raimondi.


He weighs 60 kg.

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