Yankee Injury Report 2023

Yankee Injury Report 2022
Yankee Injury Report 2022

Injuries in Sports are common but their frequency is different in the different types of games and sports. Football is one such sport that involves a high frequency of Injuries.

If you are looking for Yankee Injury Report 2022, you can read this article until the end for information.

Yankee Injury Report 2023 List

8/31/22Anthony RizzoBackDay-To-Day
8/30/22Jameson TaillonForearmDay-To-Day
8/28/22Luis GilUndisclosed60-Day Injured List
8/25/22Nestor CortesGroinNone
8/24/22Aroldis ChapmanLegNone
8/22/22Scott EffrossShoulderNone
8/21/22Albert AbreuElbowNone
8/14/22DJ LeMahieuToeDay-To-Day
8/14/22Clay HolmesBackNone
8/8/22Matt CarpenterFoot10-Day Injured List
8/5/22Anthony RizzoBackDay-To-Day
7/24/22Aaron HicksCrampingDay-To-Day
7/24/22Giancarlo StantonAchilles10-Day Injured List
7/23/22Michael KingElbow60-Day Injured List
7/16/22Miguel CastroShoulder60-Day Injured List
7/14/22Josh DonaldsonHandDay-To-Day
7/13/22Luis SeverinoLat60-Day Injured List
7/12/22Aaron HicksLegDay-To-Day
7/7/22Aaron JudgeLower BodyDay-To-Day
7/5/22Anthony RizzoBackDay-To-Day
7/2/22Ron MarinaccioShoulderNone
6/27/22Harrison BaderFoot60-Day Injured List
6/27/22Anthony RizzoElbowDay-To-Day
6/26/22Gleyber TorresAnkleDay-To-Day
6/16/22Luis SeverinoUndisclosedNone
6/12/22Gleyber TorresIllnessDay-To-Day
6/12/22Jose TrevinoBackDay-To-Day
5/26/22Aaron HicksHamstringDay-To-Day
5/25/22Jonathan LoáisigaShoulderNone
5/24/22DJ LeMahieuWristDay-To-Day
5/24/22Aroldis ChapmanAchillesNone
5/24/22Giancarlo StantonCalf10-Day Injured List
5/23/22Josh DonaldsonShoulder10-Day Injured List
5/22/22Joey GallCOVID-19Day-To-Day
5/22/22Kyle HigashiokaCOVID-1910-Day Injured List
5/19/22Chad GreenElbow60-Day Injured List
5/8/22Tim LocastroLat10-Day Injured List
4/7/22Ben RortvedtOblique60-Day Injured List
4/5/22Stephen RidingsShoulder60-Day Injured List
3/22/22Domingo GermánShoulder60-Day Injured List
3/14/22Zack BrittonElbow60-Day Injured List

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