Yankee Injury Report 2022

Injuries in Sports are common but their frequency is different in the different types of games and sports. Football is one such sport that involves a high frequency of Injuries.

If you are looking for Yankee Injury Report 2022, you can read this article until the end for information.

Yankee Injury Report 2022 List

8/31/22Anthony RizzoBackDay-To-Day
8/30/22Jameson TaillonForearmDay-To-Day
8/28/22Luis GilUndisclosed60-Day Injured List
8/25/22Nestor CortesGroinNone
8/24/22Aroldis ChapmanLegNone
8/22/22Scott EffrossShoulderNone
8/21/22Albert AbreuElbowNone
8/14/22DJ LeMahieuToeDay-To-Day
8/14/22Clay HolmesBackNone
8/8/22Matt CarpenterFoot10-Day Injured List
8/5/22Anthony RizzoBackDay-To-Day
7/24/22Aaron HicksCrampingDay-To-Day
7/24/22Giancarlo StantonAchilles10-Day Injured List
7/23/22Michael KingElbow60-Day Injured List
7/16/22Miguel CastroShoulder60-Day Injured List
7/14/22Josh DonaldsonHandDay-To-Day
7/13/22Luis SeverinoLat60-Day Injured List
7/12/22Aaron HicksLegDay-To-Day
7/7/22Aaron JudgeLower BodyDay-To-Day
7/5/22Anthony RizzoBackDay-To-Day
7/2/22Ron MarinaccioShoulderNone
6/27/22Harrison BaderFoot60-Day Injured List
6/27/22Anthony RizzoElbowDay-To-Day
6/26/22Gleyber TorresAnkleDay-To-Day
6/16/22Luis SeverinoUndisclosedNone
6/12/22Gleyber TorresIllnessDay-To-Day
6/12/22Jose TrevinoBackDay-To-Day
5/26/22Aaron HicksHamstringDay-To-Day
5/25/22Jonathan LoáisigaShoulderNone
5/24/22DJ LeMahieuWristDay-To-Day
5/24/22Aroldis ChapmanAchillesNone
5/24/22Giancarlo StantonCalf10-Day Injured List
5/23/22Josh DonaldsonShoulder10-Day Injured List
5/22/22Joey GallCOVID-19Day-To-Day
5/22/22Kyle HigashiokaCOVID-1910-Day Injured List
5/19/22Chad GreenElbow60-Day Injured List
5/8/22Tim LocastroLat10-Day Injured List
4/7/22Ben RortvedtOblique60-Day Injured List
4/5/22Stephen RidingsShoulder60-Day Injured List
3/22/22Domingo GermánShoulder60-Day Injured List
3/14/22Zack BrittonElbow60-Day Injured List

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