World Series Winners By Team, Tickets, MLB, 2022

36th Birthday of Estrella Cubanas in MLB!

Since 1903, the American League (AL) and National League (NL) champion teams have competed in the World Series, which is Major League Baseball’s (MLB) annual championship series in the United States and Canada (NL). A best-of-seven playoff is used to decide the World Series champion, and the victorious club is given the Commissioner’s Trophy.

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World Series Winners By Team, Tickets, MLB, 2022

Winners By Team:

Team Wins Appearances
New York Yankees 27 40
St. Louis Cardinals 11 19
Oakland Athletics 9 14
Boston Red Sox 9 13
San Francisco Giants 8 20
Los Angeles Dodgers 7 21
Cincinnati Reds 5 9
Pittsburgh Pirates 5 7
Detroit Tigers 4 11
Atlanta Braves 4 10
Chicago Cubs 3 11
Baltimore Orioles 3 7
Minnesota Twins 3 6
Chicago White Sox 3 5
Philadelphia Phillies 2 8
Cleveland Guardians 2 6
New York Mets 2 5
Kansas City Royals 2 4
Toronto Blue Jays 2 2
Miami Marlins 2 2
Houston Astros 1 5
Arizona Diamondbacks 1 1
Los Angeles Angels 1 1
Washington Nationals 1 1
San Diego Padres 0 2
Texas Rangers 0 2
Tampa Bay Rays 0 2
Milwaukee Brewers 0 1
Colorado Rockies 0 1
Seattle Mariners 0 0


World Series ticket prices have always been expen and 2022 is no exception. However, there’s a lot of intrigue in this year’s series, with both familiar and old faces taking part in the title game.

The Phillies last made an appearance in the 2008 World Series where they won it all in five games over the Tampa Bay Rays. So it’s been 14 years since Philadelphia made its way to the Fall Classic.


World Series Winners By Team, Tickets, MLB, 2022

So much for this writer’s prediction that there wouldn’t be any surprises in the World Series yesterday (checks watch).

In order to have a chance of surprising the Houston Astros, the Philadelphia Phillies knew they had to win at least one of these opening two games away at Minute Maid Park. Given that they quickly found themselves in a 5-0 deficit, it was difficult to believe that it would be this game.


The opportunistic Phillies bats did their damage against Justin Verlander, whose mysterious World Series problems continued, but their bullpen came in and handed them zeroes.

The Astros bullpen did its best to prevent the Phillies from scoring during regulation, but the 10th inning gave J.T. Realmuto the opportunity to do so.

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