Why is Aaron Judge Not in The Home Run Derby?

Why is Aaron Judge Not in The Home Run Derby?
Why is Aaron Judge Not in The Home Run Derby?

Following his 2017 Home Run Derby victory, Judge said that it aggravated a shoulder injury he had when slamming into the wall a few weeks previously. After the season, he needs shoulder surgery.

“(The 2017 Home Run Derby) had an impact on me since I injured my shoulder,” Judge said in 2019. “But not in my swing. I was just taking my blood pressure. People asking, ‘Did that affect you?’ was probably the hardest thing to hear every day. No, that was a BP day. It has no effect on me. It would have been a different tale if I hadn’t been harmed.”

Judge has said that if the Home Run Derby comes to New York, he would be willing to participate. The All-Star Game was last staged in New York in 2013, at Citi Field, home of the Mets. The last time the Yankees hosted the All-Star Game was in 2008, the last year of the original Yankee Stadium.

MLB has already chosen locations for the 2023 and 2026 All-Star Games (T-Mobile Park in Seattle) (Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia). The rebuilt Yankee Stadium might host the All-Star Game as early as 2024. Of course, Judge will be a free agent at the end of the season. He may not be a Yankee by then.

The Home Run Derby in 2022 will take place on Monday, July 18. No one has yet committed to the Home Run Derby. The voting for the All-Star Game starters has begun.


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