Top 5 Plays from Celtics-Magic Game

Jaylen Brown Throws the Lob, Robert Williams Takes Care of the Rest

Jaylen Brown's Textbook Turnaround Fadeaway

Title 1Jaylen Brown Puts Mo Bamba on a Poster

Al Horford's Two-Handed Flush

Payton Pritchard's First-Career Dunk

From Robert Williams' one-handed alley-oop dunk to Jaylen Brown's turnaround jumper, putting Mo Bamba on a poster, Al Horford's two-handed jam, and Payton Pritchard's first-career dunk, these are the top five plays from Sunday's game between the Celtics and Magic.

It's not the typical type of play you'd find on a highlight reel, but you have to admit, it's a gorgeous fadeaway jumper.

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