Brittney Griner is Male, Female. Man Or Transgender?

In an interview with Maggie Gray of Sports Illustrated, basketball player Brittney Griner discussed her sexuality.

Gray questioned Griner about the differences in how men and women athletes come out.

Griner casually admitted to being a lesbian during a video interview with in April.

Griner's sexual orientation, on the other hand, was just a secret in the sense that she hadn't officially announced it, she tells me during lunch in July in Los Angeles, the afternoon before her appearance on Conan.

Griner is free and easy about her lesbianism these days, reflecting her generation's relative agnosticism regarding sexual orientation.

According to a professor, race and sexual orientation played a significant part in WNBA player Brittney Griner's detention in Russia.

The world-famous basketball star is now open about her sexuality, but she wasn't always.

Brittney stated that going public as a lesbian was not difficult for her since she has always been honest about her sexuality.

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