What is Aaron Rodgers Panchakarma Cleanse? Detailed Explanation

A Panchakarma cleanse is a five-step detox process that cleanses the body of all unwanted waste out of the body. Many have reported that the cleanse heals the digestive system, enhances immunity, produces deep relaxation and a “meditative outlook on life,” among other things.

What are the five steps of the Panchakarma cleanse?


– Vaman: administration of emetic drugs that induce a severe spell of vomiting to clean the upper gut – Virechan: forced diarrhea that purges and cleanses the bowel – Basti: medicated enema used to cleanse the accumulated toxins through the colon – Nasya: nasal administration of medicated oil to cleanse the accumulated toxin – Raktamokshana: procedure done to cleanse the blood

The cleanse also includes: – Three days of consuming Ghee (a form of clarified butter) until you evacuate at both ends – One day therapeutic vomiting – One day laxative therapy – Three days of herb drops in nose – Many days of enemas – Yoga and meditation throughout

While Rodgers may have educated many on an extreme ancient Indian cleanse, you’re still going to have to wait and see if he will be playing in the NFL in 2022.