John Madden Wife Virginia Fields, Family & Kids Info!

John Madden Wife Virginia Fields, Family & Kids Info!
John Madden Wife Virginia Fields, Family & Kids Info!

Details about John Madden’s Wife and Family

Virginia Madden Wife of John Madden is the heart of the Madden household. She is in charge of John’s and the Madden family’s most basic requirements. On December 26, 1959, former coach John Madden married Virginia Field. Their wedding took place at St. Mary of the Assumption Church in Santa Maria.

Earl and Mary Madden, the coach’s parents, were born in Austin, Minnesota. John’s father, an auto technician, moved the Madden family to Daly Community, California, just south of San Francisco, when he was a youngster.

More information about his family has yet to be made public, so stay tuned to discover more about them.

What Has Happened To John Madden’s Wife And Family?

John Madden and his family currently reside in Pleasanton, California. He was a former NFL analyst and broadcaster for FOX, ABC, and CBS in the United States.

After the 2008 NFL season, Madden announced his retirement from broadcasting in order to spend more time with his family. He is looking forward to leaving his previous position. Both Twitter and Instagram are used by John.

Children of Virginia Fields and John Madden

Virginia Fields and John Madden have two children, Joseph and Michael, and live in Pleasanton, California. Michael, also known as Mike, started his football career as a receiver for the Harvard Crimson, while Joseph, also known as Joe, went to Brown University.

John has expertise as both a player and a coach in football, which he will use to help his two boys through their sporting careers. In addition to his NFL victories, John’s surname became associated with the Madden NFL video game franchise, which became a cultural phenomenon.

Virginia Fields is still going strong after all these years. She is between the ages of 80 and 85 at the moment. Fields have spent most of her life with her husband, John, and her family. On the internet, there has been no mention of Fields’ death.


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