Vin Scully Jackie Robinson Ice Skates, The Catch

Vin Scully Jackie Robinson Ice Skates
Vin Scully Jackie Robinson Ice Skates

Dodgers fans hold a special place in their hearts for Jackie Robinson Day. Vin Scully has a special place in the hearts of fans as well.

Vin’s favorite memories with Jackie are highlighted in this video from a few years ago.

The first of the stories feature Vin and Jackie on ice skates, which Dodgers fans may find difficult to imagine. But, as Vin does so well, his beautiful words paint a wonderful picture of that day.

Vin also discusses Jackie’s number 42. He describes the atmosphere surrounding Jackie’s arrival in the big leagues, as well as the numerous threats he received.

Vin Scully Jackie Robinson Ice Skates Video

In this story, he discusses Gene Hermanski’s suggestion that everyone wear the number 42 so angry fans couldn’t tell the Dodgers apart.

Both stories are poignant reminders of who Jackie Robinson was and what he meant to baseball. I highly recommend this video if you only listen to one thing about Jackie today.


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