Tom Weiskopf, Net worth, Golf courses, Family, Swing

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Thomas Daniel Weiskopf was an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour and Champions Tour. His most successful decade was the 1970s. He won 16 PGA Tour titles between 1968 and 1982, including the 1973 Open Championship.

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Tom Weiskopf, Net worth, Golf courses, Family, Swing

Net Worth:

At the time of his death, Tom Weiskopf might have accumulated a hefty fortune stacked in the millions from his successful career.

Although the precise sum hasn’t been disclosed, many internet publications suggest that his net worth exceeds $2 million.

Golf courses:

Tom Weiskopf, Net worth, Golf courses, Family, Swing

Tom Weiskopf, golf major champion and architect of one of Michigan’s most revered golf courses.

5. Forest Highlands (Canyon) 7.02
Flagstaff, Ariz. (built with Jay Morrish)

4. Yellowstone Club 7.05
Big Sky, Mont.

3. The Rim 7.08
Payson, Ariz.

2. Double Eagle 7.24
Galena, Ohio (built with Jay Morrish)

1. Loch Lomond 7.64
Dunbartonshire, Scotland (built with Jay Morrish)


Jeanne Weiskopf
Laurie Weiskopf
Eric Weiskopf
Heidi Weiskopf

Tom’s parents are only known as Mr. and Mrs. Weiskopf because their real names have been withheld. While he was still alive, Tom never mentioned their names.


Tom is holding his hands and arms in a typical reverse-C finish while standing erect, leaning slightly back.

The cause? High hands encourage high shots that are quick to stop. It makes sense why Weiskopf placed second in four Masters tournaments over a seven-year period.

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