Tai Emery Celebration Video Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Watch Now

Tai Emery Celebration Video
Tai Emery Celebration Video

At Bare-knuckle Thailand 3, Tai Emery beat Rung-Aran Khunchai in the first round through a technical knockout. However, it wasn’t her triumph that attracted everyone’s attention; rather, it was her celebration.

The Australian went to the ropes and unexpectedly lowered her shirt, exposing her breasts to the crowd after Emery delivered an uppercut that knocked her opponent to the ground. When the referee approached the Thai and saw how badly injured she was, he decided to call time on the bout.

“Welcome to bare-knuckle combat, Tai Emery,” the commentator added.

“Interesting celebration right there, haven’t seen that one before,” the co-commentator said.

Who is Tai Emery, The Fighter?

The athlete from the United States just started competing in bare-knuckle wrestling and had a winning debut this past weekend.

Previously, she played in the Lingerie Football League, an American soccer league. Some MMA fans have also been astonished by the fact that the current combatant has an OnlyFans account.

Emery began to celebrate wildly when the Thai fighter was declared defeated since she was unable to get up on her own.

Chris Lytle, a veteran of the UFC and a BKFC commentator, was shocked when Emery raised her top and showed her breasts to the fans, commenting, “Interesting celebration, haven’t seen that one before.”

“Welp, that’s one way to celebrate a victory,” the BFKC Twitter account said with a video of her original celebration. Greetings from BKFC! ”

Australian model and former electrician Emery received praise from adult film actress and fight enthusiast Kendra Lust for her performance and post-fight celebration.

Congratulations Tai Emery on your victory against [BKFC], your first-round knockout, and the finest post-victory celebration in any sport, Lust commented on social media.

Tai Emery Celebration Video

Emery said, “Thank you for supporting me and believing in me during a time when my ‘image’ wasn’t appreciated!

It wasn’t only the victory that made Instagram model Tai Emery, a veteran of the Legends Football League and Lingerie Fighting Channel, a household name. Instead, it was her method of celebration for her triumph that astounded onlookers.

Emery jumped on the ropes after the significant first-round knockout and raised her top to show her naked breasts to the audience in the arena and viewers across the globe. The video is available here thanks to BKFC’s Twitter, but be aware that it is NSFW and uncut.

Although Tai Emery’s viral moment will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most original ways a fighter has ever celebrated a win, it somehow just seems to fit in with the audience that watches and goes to live BKFC events. This is, really, to be anticipated given that this is also coming from someone who has previously engaged in combat while wearing just underwear.

In terms of Emery’s combat sports career, this was really her first victory; in her two professional MMA fights, she went 0-1-1, and in her lingerie-clad attempts, she lost to Cindy Dandois, a UFC veteran and the founder of OnlyFans. It makes sense why she would be so thrilled with her victory given the kind of defeats she has had as a professional boxer.


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