Ronald Acuña already has a return date! … and it will be this year

Venezuelan players of the brave, Ronald Acuna Jr., spoke about his rehabilitation and his temporary return to Major League Baseball.

And it appears to be good news for all the brave and Venezuelan fans…

Remember that since July 10, Acuna Jr. has not stepped on a diamond while trying to field a fly ball in the outfield after injuring himself in a regular season game. Images from the first shot predicted that Abuser would be out for several weeks due to the player’s pain.

And about his return?

Well, the qualification is going from strength to strength and in fact Acuna Jr. has been a regular visitor to the Braves dugout in these playoffs to encourage his teammates and feel part of the extraordinary after this season.

And in an interview for the Atlanta Journal, Creole announced that he had recovered 70% from his injury and estimated that between November and December, he had already fully recovered.

Then again, there was little left to be able to see him in the latter part of this season… but no way, he’s baseball and the important thing will be to bring it back to 100 by 2022. Hope this happens.

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