Robert Bortuzzo: Injury Update, Not Playing On Sunday?

Robert Bortuzzo is a Canadian professional ice hockey player for the St. Louis Blues of the National Hockey League. Bortuzzo was drafted 78th overall by the Pittsburgh Penguins during the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

Robert Bortuzzo: Injury Update, Not Playing On Sunday?


Injury Update:

Robert Bortuzo didn’t have a good night last night. A broken stick at the worst possible time resulted in Wilde’s first goal being scored by a Joel Ericsson one, who would score two of Wilde’s six.

Bortuzzo promptly left to go to the locker room for repairs, but there’s not much that a trainer can do for a puck to the side of the head. Bortuzzo’s considered day-to-day.

This is on top of an upper body injury to Nick Leidy and a lower body injury to Marco Scandella. Scandella has yet to play later this season, while Lady ended game one before being dismissed for game two.

The Blues are now without three regular defenders, and it shows. Calle Rosen, clearly doing her best, was clearly unmatched even with her increased responsibility. He was on the ice for 16:34 to make up for Bortuzo’s loss.

Not playing on Sunday:

Robert Bortuzzo: Injury Update, Not Playing On Sunday?

Bortuzo (upper body) will not play on Sunday against Wild, Jeremy Rutherford of The Athletic reports. Bortuzo skated on Sunday but will miss out on his second successive competition. He will be considered suspicious of Tuesday’s Game 5 prank.

When it comes to winning home matches in the playoffs, it’s a good idea to go back to the basics of hockey.

With the puck not passing in the front of the net and not screening its own goalkeeper, the Minnesota Wild fully followed this standard of the game on Wednesday: When your opponent’s defenders are fighting, don’t interrupt.

Game 2 required a defensive replacement, and with former Hobby Baker winner Scott Perunovich of Minnesota Duluth, unavailable due to injury (he had wrist surgery on March 9), the Blues gave 28-year-old Swede Calle Rosen his first career chance. gave. Playoff ice time. About that later.

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