Patrick Mahomes Leg Tattoo is Exposed, See Yourself

Patrick Mahomes Leg Tattoo
Patrick Mahomes Leg Tattoo

Before Chiefs training camp began, Patrick Mahomes got a massive new tattoo on his leg, which he just revealed.

Mahomes flaunted the tattoos on his social media pages on Friday afternoon, revealing that he had had three distinct tattoos combined right above his ankle.

Patrick Mahomes Leg Tattoo

His infant daughter Sterling’s hand and footprint seem to be shown in one of the paintings. The other has a religious emblem and a rose.

Mahomes wrote in the caption of the image, “Work in progress.”

Friday’s training camp for the Chiefs was attended by the 26-year-old quarterback in shorts so that everyone could see his better leg.

It’s unclear what his intentions are with the remaining property on the limb, although it seems there might be enough for a Lombardi Trophy.


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