Nick Saban’s Reaction To Tennessee Loss – Brutality Exposed!

Nick Saban's Reaction
Nick Saban's Reaction

After Saturday night’s 52-49 loss to Tennessee, Nick Saban was blunt in his remarks.

Nick Saban's Reaction
Nick Saban’s Reaction

After defeating the Crimson Tide at home, the Volunteers pulled off one of their largest victories in school history, but Knoxville’s viability is still unknown.

While Vols supporters were going bonkers, Saban responded to what went wrong in a far more realistic and somber manner.

We played considerably softly in the final moments to allow them to advance down the field and into field goal range.

So, according to ESPN, I believe the most important thing our guys need to do is learn from this experience and have more respect for playing with discipline so you don’t help the opposing team.

Nick Saban’s candid assessment of what went wrong at the game’s conclusion is challenging to disagree with. The Crimson Tide allowed Tennessee to go 45 yards in only two plays, which allowed Chase McGrath to kick a 40-yard field goal.

It is totally unacceptable to give up half the field in just two plays, and Nick Saban indeed expects much more from his defense.

While he categorically denies that his players were soft, he made it quite plain that they did so on the decisive possession. It’s a crucial distinction, but it’s bad in any case.

Alabama will now need to start over and make an effort to prevail. Although it’s unclear if that will occur, you can bet that Nick Saban will have his team prepared. That much is beyond question.


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