Matt Minister Caddie Net Worth, Salary, News

Matt Minister is the man who carries Patrick Cantlay’s bag(opens in new tab). Cantlay is one of several players Minister has partnered with throughout his nearly 16 years as a caddy. Sangmoon Bae, Nick Price, Chris Smith, Joe Durant, David Eger, Chip Beck, Eric Compton, Jeff Sluman, and Chris Kirk are some of the people he has previously collaborated with.

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Matt Minister Caddie Net Worth, Salary, News

Net Worth:

Matt Minister net worth.

His estimated net worth is not known.

Jimmy Johnson is currently caddying for Justin Thomas, but he has a rather successful history on tour.


His annual and monthly salary is not disclosed yet.

One last detail concerning his stage name while on tour. Due to his last name, he is known as Rev, and he acquired this moniker while working on the golf circuit for a former classmate.


Matt Minister Caddie Net Worth, Salary, News

Following his COVID-19 infection last year, Matthew “Matt” Minister’s assistant Patrick Cantlay Caddie fell ill for two weeks. He remembered the fatal accident that occurred to Patrick Cantlay’s caddie. Cantlay’s back injury kept him out of action for almost two years.

Minister received a call from his agency asking whether he would be interested in serving as Cantlay’s caddy. He got to go to Pebble Beach with him. Cantlay scored six victories on the PGA Tour. Having Minister as his caddy gave him more over $35 million.

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