Lisfranc Injury Radiology, Recovery Time, Treatment, Symptoms

Foot fractures come in the form of Lisfranc fractures. The metatarsal bones, which serve as the links between your foot and your toes, attach to the rest of your foot at the Lisfranc joint, which is located on top of your foot. Your foot’s difficult area is here.

Lisfranc Injury Radiology, Recovery Time, Treatment, Symptoms


The most frequent type of foot dislocation involves Lisfranc injuries, also known as Lisfranc fracture-dislocations, which are caused by the dislocation of the tarsal-metatarsal joint.

  • Base of 2nd metatarsal.
  • Cuboid.
  • Fractures of shafts of metatarsals.
  • Dislocations of the 1st (medial) and 2nd (middle) and cuneonavicular joints.
  • Fractures of the tarsal navicular.

Recovery Time:

The Lisfranc injury healing depends on how serious the injury was. Recovery could take up to three months, even for more minor sprains that receive conservative treatment.

After surgery, you can have a six- to twelve-week period where you can’t do any weight-bearing activity.


Lisfranc Injury Radiology, Recovery Time, Treatment, Symptoms

  • Taking pain medicines.
  • Wearing a non-weight-bearing cast or boot for 6 weeks.
  • Wearing a weight-bearing cast or a special foot support after the first 6 weeks.
  • Having serial X-rays to find out how your foot is healing.


Midfoot discomfort that is particularly painful to the touch.

In the middle of your foot, there may be swelling or a deformity.

being unable to bear weight on your foot

Your foot’s centre is bruised.

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