Lewis Hamilton’s Earnings Despite Winless Stint in 2023

Renowned British driver Lewis Hamilton, despite enduring a winless 2023 season, secures the second-highest position on the grid in terms of earnings. The seasoned Formula 1 veteran, who last tasted victory in 2021, faced a challenging season marked by notable underperformance.

Season Overview

Hamilton’s 2023 season concluded with a modest P3 finish in the championship standings, reflecting an improvement from the preceding year. However, this outcome fell short of the expectations for the once-dominant world champion.

Accumulating 234 points and clinching a P3 finish, Hamilton managed to amass a substantial income, showcasing his financial resilience in the face of on-track setbacks.

Contract Extension and Earnings

Despite his second consecutive winless streak, the 38-year-old secured a lucrative contract extension with Mercedes, extending until 2025. This development solidified Hamilton’s position as the second-highest-paid driver in the 2023 Formula 1 season, trailing behind the reigning world champion, Max Verstappen.

The financial report published on Forbes.com discloses that Hamilton’s earnings for the 2023 season approximate $55 million. Notably, this substantial sum is attributed to Hamilton’s impressive career, which includes a total of 197 podium finishes, with six podiums added during the 2023 season.

Contract Bonuses

Interestingly, the same report highlights a unique aspect of Hamilton’s 2023 stint. While most drivers received bonuses as stipulated in their contracts, Hamilton, unfortunately, did not earn any bonuses during his winless season. In contrast, world champion Max Verstappen enjoyed bonuses exceeding $25 million, emphasizing the divergent financial outcomes for the two competitors.

Hamilton’s Historic Racing Suit Auctioned

Despite the challenges on the track, Hamilton’s illustrious career, featuring seven Championship victories, remains a highlight in Formula 1 history. The British driver, equaling Michael Schumacher’s championship record, boasts an unprecedented 103 race wins, surpassing Schumacher’s 91 victories.

Recently, Hamilton’s maiden Grand Prix-winning suit from the iconic 2007 Canadian Grand Prix, where he raced for McLaren, fetched an astonishing $241,000 in an auction. The suit’s significance in Formula 1’s rich history contributed to its remarkable price tag.

Looking Ahead

As the winter break unfolds, the Mercedes team focuses on preparing the W15 for the upcoming season. Both the team principal and Hamilton express optimism about the development of the challenger, anticipating a competitive performance in the races to come.

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