Lebron James Number 6, New Number, Number Change

LeBron James discusses playing against son's former teammate Ziaire Williams: 'I had a moment for sure'

American professional basketball player LeBron Raymone James Sr. plays for the Los Angeles Lakers in the National Basketball Association.

He is commonly referred to as “King James,” and in discussions about the best basketball player of all time, he is frequently compared to Michael Jordan.

Lebron James Number 6, New Number, Number Change

Number 6:

6 for Los Angeles’ 2021–22 season.

Next season, LeBron James will don a different jersey number for the Los Angeles Lakers. The four-time NBA MVP will don No. 6, which he wore from 2011 to 2014 during his four-season stay with the Miami Heat.

The NBA announced on Thursday that the number 6 would be retiring in honor of league legend Bill Russell. Russell recently passed away, but players who still wear the number will be allowed to use it until they retire.

New Number:

Throughout his NBA career, four-time Kia MVP LeBron James James wore numbers 6 and 23 alternately.

Bill Russell’s No. 6 jersey will be retired across the NBA, according to an announcement made on Thursday by the NBA and NBPA. However, the number cannot be given out again. Players who are currently wearing No. 6 may continue to do so.

Number Change:

Lebron James Number 6, New Number, Number Change

James has already stated his appreciation for Julius Erving, who wore No. 6 with the 76ers, in addition to their personal relationship.

Six means a lot to me, not just in terms of my family, numbers, and other things of that nature, but also in terms of my beliefs and other things of that type — but my thinking doesn’t alter, James added.

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