Kyle Chalmers Tattoo Meaning & German Translation

Kyle Chalmers Tattoo Meaning & German Translation
Kyle Chalmers Tattoo Meaning & German Translation

Kyle has a lot of drama. Chalmers, says SHAYNE BUGDEN, is making a mockery of the statement on his newest tattoo by threatening to stop swimming over a “pool love triangle.” Chalmers slammed the media and vowed to retire from swimming on Sunday.

Star is upset over the coverage of ‘the pool love triangle,’ which included him, Cody Simpson, and Emma McKeon. He has ‘only the strong survive’ tattooed on his breast, but he doesn’t seem to have braced himself for the uproar he must have anticipated.

Rumors of a feud have been making headlines since May, when Chalmers reversed his decision not to compete in the 100m butterfly at the world championships in Budapest, therefore denying Simpson a spot on the Australian squad.

Kyle Chalmers Tattoo Meaning

The Commonwealth Games were overshadowed by speculation about the trio’s sexual relationships. After Chalmers’ relay victory, it was all everyone could talk about.

And his gold medal in the 100m freestyle on Monday night, followed by a finger to his lips in a signal to his detractors, is guaranteed to elicit more of the same.

Kyle Chalmers Tattoo Meaning & German Translation

But how did he react as the questions began to pile up? By threatening to resign and declaring, ‘The media must mature and concentrate on the positive.’

Someone has to mature here, but it’s not the reporters.

Chalmers is delusory if he didn’t see this ruckus coming. Since winning gold at the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, he’s been one of the top stars on one of the world’s greatest swimming teams.

That’s six years to figure out how the media circus that surrounds athletes operates. It takes six years to build the kind of thick skin required to earn a livelihood on the world’s largest stages.

Instead of shaking it off and going down to the business of winning additional gold medals at the Games, he demonstrated to his pool competitors that he is susceptible.

The 24-year-old has a reputation for fussing about what is written and televised about him, and the Sydney Morning Herald reports that he has switched managers in search of more sponsorship revenue.

Those sponsorship earnings are heavily reliant on media attention, but he wants to have his cake and eat it too by benefiting from constant mention – but only in the manner, he wants to be discussed.

If you think this is rich coming from a journalist with a vested interest in the ‘love triangle drama continuing, you’re right. However, journalists are far from the only ones who believe Chalmers is doing himself no favors by taking the situation personally.

Kyle Chalmers Tattoo German Translation

‘Nur die starken überleben’

If you get a slogan tattooed on your body, it’s safe to assume you believe it’s wise advice. So Kyle Chalmers’ tattoo ‘Nur die starken überleben’ – German for ‘only the strong survive’ – should’ve been a mission statement.

After his ‘love triangle’ collapse at the Commonwealth Games, it seems that he should cover it up with some fresh tattoo.

Chalmers vowed to quit swimming after winning gold in the men’s 4x100m freestyle relay in Birmingham if the media didn’t stop reporting about his conflict with teammate Cody Simpson, who is now dating his ex, champion swimmer Emma McKeon.


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