King Hydration Drink Launched! Is it Better Than Prime Drink?

After the hype of Prime Drink for the last 1 year now there’s a new drink in the market named King Hydration Drink or Electro King Drink launched by UFC Star Paddy Pimblett.

Logan Paul threatened to sue Paddy Pimblett after “The Baddy” posted a video criticizing the amount of sugar in his hydration drink Prime. But Paddy Pimblett has responded with the launch of Paddy Drink.

What is King Hydration Drink?

King Hydration Drink

King Hydration Drink is a newly launched energy drink in the UK by UFC star Paddy The Baddy. He debuted his own energy drink in partnership with Applied Nutrition and argued that it was superior to Paul’s Prime Energy, which he had co-founded with YouTuber KSI.

King Hydration Drink Release Date

There is no clear announcement yet regarding the King Hydration Release Date but we will make sure to update if there’s any information on its release date.

King Hydration Drink Vs Prime Hydration Drink Controversy

When Pimblett sought to demonstrate how much two grams of sugar—the amount of sugar in Prime—mean by pouring a sizable amount of it over a table, Paul took offense.

In response to the YouTuber’s comments, Pimblett reiterated his claim in his video and provided evidence in the form of a scale. While also tagging his beverage, Prime Energy, Pimblett said, “Just wanted to clarify a few things for you Logan Paul.” Get your Body Fuel at Applied Nutrition; it’s the greatest hydration beverage on the market.

Where to Buy King Hydration Drink?

Paddy Pimblett’s Prime King Drink is available in some local stores but soon it will be available to purchase online on e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Also, We have seen King Hydration Drink listed on cookbrothers website which can only be wishlisted for now, we will update you as soon as it’s available for purchase.


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