Kenny Pickett: Fumbles, Hand Size, NFL Draft 2022

Kenny Shane Pickett (born June 6, 1998) is an American football quarterback. He played college football at the University of Pittsburgh.

Kenny Pickett: Fumbles, Hand Size, NFL Draft 2022


Pitt quarterback Kenny Pickett’s hand measured 8 1/2 inches on Thursday, per analyst Daniel Jeremiah. That’s tied for the third-smallest hand measurement for any QB at the combine since 2003, and well below the nine-inch mark that is generally considered to be adequate for NFL passers.

The only QBs to start a game in 2021 with a hand that measured less than nine inches at the combine were Brandon Allen and Jake Fromm (both 8 7/8 inches).

Quarterback hand size becomes a hot topic in combines every year, with some scouts expressing concern about the safety of the ball for passers-by with shorter side hands, especially when battling the elements in rain and/or freezing conditions.

Hand Size:

Pitt’s quarterback, expected to be a first-round selection and possibly the first in his position off the board in April’s NFL Draft, had his hands measured at 8 inches Thursday in an NFL scouting combination.

This mark is currently smaller than the combined measurement of any quarterback in the NFL.

If Pickett is selected in the first round, any quarterback taken on the first day since 2003 will have the shortest hand. Jared Goff, JP Lawsman, Ryan Tanhill and Joe Burrow all measured with 9-inch hands.

NFL Draft 2022:

Kenny Pickett: Fumbles, Hand Size, NFL Draft 2022

Kenny Pickett had something to hide. At the Senior Bowl in February, Pitt’s out-of-hand QB prospect opted for an out of hand measure to delay the world finding out about his little Mittens. He claimed that his double-jointed thumb may have made the measurement wrong—a convenient excuse.

On the one (large) hand, the importance of hand size for NFL quarterbacks seems to be completely overblown.

ESPN’s David Fleming thoroughly debunked the “hand-size myth” in 2020, noting that there is no statistical correlation between hand size and any element of quarterback play, and he argued that teams should actually measure players’ grip strength rather than pure inches.

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