Kaylee Bryson Chili Bowl 2022: Shirt, Midget, Helmet, Diecast, Apparel

Kaylee Bryson Racing: Chilly Bowl, Age, Wikipedia, Parents, Nationality

Kaylee Bryson started racing around the age of 9 and started just for the sole purpose of having fun, the passion grew inside of him and he had a strong desire to win.

Racing was the only thing on his mind since a young age and he knew he wanted to do it for the rest of his life.

Kaylee Bryson Chili Bowl 2022: Shirt, Midget, Helmet, Diecast, Apparel


Muskogee’s Kaylee Bryson is no stranger when it comes to the Chili Bowl. At the age of 19, Bryson is making her third trip to the “Super Bowl of Midget Racing,” only this time it is in a Keith Kunz midget car.

“I am so excited to be with Toyota and Keith Kunz Motorsports,” Bryson said of her opportunity with the eight-time Chili Bowl champion owner. “They are the best team in the business. I am so excited to be with them, especially at a special race like this.


Bryson competed in the full USAC National Midget Championship for Keith Kunz Motorsports this past season with three top 10s and a top 5. She also earned 14 top 10s and seven top 5s in the second-tier POWRi National Midget Championship.


Kaylee Bryson Chili Bowl 2022: Shirt, Midget, Helmet, Diecast, Apparel

“You know, it was a pretty badass night for the Keith Kunz camp over here,” Bryson told RACER. “Won the heat race, second in the qualifier, started third in the feature. I think we’ll be sitting pretty good on Saturday. We’ll probably be pretty high in B-Feature. So, looking to make the A-main — that’s my main goal right now.”


Bryson has an opportunity for another record on Saturday. Currently, the best female finish in the history of the Chili Bowl belongs to White, who ended up 19th in the B-Feature in 2016.

Buddy Kofoid, who won Tuesday night’s action-packed prelim, acknowledged his KKM teammate’s prowess on the tricky quarter-mile track.


Kaylee Bryson started second during Tuesday night’s preliminary feature at the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl Nationals in Tulsa, Oklahoma and led the majority of the laps. However, Buddy Kofoid overtook him in the final few circuits to win the race. Behind them was Kaylee Bryson in third place.


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