Kalil Pimpleton Wikipedia, Parents, Salary, Net Worth

Kalil Pimpleton plays for Central Michigan as a wide receiver.

Kalil Pimpleton Wikipedia, Parents, Salary, Net Worth


American football player Kalil Pimpleton has gained recent attention after making a spectacular over-the-shoulder catch in practise on August 2, 2022. In addition, the Detroit Lions have a free agent deal with him that begins in April 2022.

He doesn’t exist on his social media channels, despite bragging about having a presence there. In a similar vein, he isn’t listed on the Wikipedia page either.


His two American parents gave birth to Kalil Pimpleto in the year 1998. In Muskegon, Michigan, where they reared him, they did so and provided for him all through his football career.

His original mother Tawana has remarried his biological father Jeff Brown, hence he no longer lives with his biological parents.


Kalil Pimpleton Wikipedia, Parents, Salary, Net Worth

He earns a salary of $858,333.

  • 2022 Salary Cap Charge: $710,000 (0.33% of cap)
  • 2022 Cash Payout: $720,000 (0.30% of spending)
  • 2022 Cash to Cap Ratio: 1.01

Net Worth:

Kalil Pimpleton, a professional football player, is thought to be worth $100,000.

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