Gonzalo Ramírez | Conductor Good Morning Everyone describes the disaster at the premiere of Candidate, your time has come

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Anarchy. The same happened with the premiere of the show candidate, your time has come, that TVN was going to premiere, but due to a last-minute contingency, it ultimately couldn’t. Behind the scenes of that disaster was what the space conductor told gonzalo ramirez.

Ramirez, in his usual role as the head of Good morning everybody, reached Wednesday morning for detail as to what had happened, was warned by his partner, Maria Luisa, that “We’re Going To Explain Why Our Partner Got Frizzy Last Night”.

Gonzalo Ramirez: Why did the premiere Candidate: Your time has come?

Then, Gonzalo explained that “We were ready to wait for the candidate. We raged around the hall with the best suit, while rehearsing with the whole team, as this is a very complex study to set up with 10 cameras..

“It was after 8 o’clock and Mr. Concha, our boss, comes in and says ‘Wait, wait. He’s not coming. Giorgio Jackson approached him and said Boric had symptoms., he continued in his story.

The official TVN statement indicated that “Borik suspended his participation in the program, noting on his social networks that ‘since this afternoon I have a fever that has not subsided. Therefore, following health recommendations, I Have already started isolation for PCR test. , While I told TVN about the impossibility of attending today’s programme. I will report the results as soon as they become available.

Still, Ramirez told everyone on Good Morning that he had decided to wait, because “in one of them… but you couldn’t.”

“Yesterday with the whole team we sent him a message of Gonzalo’s strength, come on Gonzalo… we were like the cheerleaders”Godoy jokingly commented.

There, Gonzalo admitted that “when you sent me, there was cream.”

Gonzalo Ramirez: What will happen to this Wednesday’s schedule?

But Maria Luisa wanted to put her finger in the wound and emphasize: “Count now that the pieces of the puzzle were falling, because there was another candidate today”.

Although at the time, Gonzalo stated that “the cast of José Antonio is still invited, but immediately when he learns about Boric he decides to suspend his agenda for today”; Hours later, the TVN communications team confirmed the suspension of the program which will also air this Wednesday.

“program Candidate: Your time has come It will not air today, as Republican candidate Jose Antonio Cast informed TVN that he will not be able to participate as he awaits the results of a PCR test done in the afternoon at his home. “, specified the state station through a statement.

The message also specified that “Following the recommendations of the health authority, the cast is performing a preventive isolation as a result of the symptoms that candidate Gabriel Boric presented yesterday”.

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