Futsal Euro 2022: Schedule, Final, Results, Live Stream, Standings

Futsal Euro 2022: Schedule, Final, Results, Live Stream, Standings
Futsal Euro 2022: Schedule, Final, Results, Live Stream, Standings

The UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 qualifying tournament will be a men’s futsal competition that will select the 15 teams who will join the automatically qualified hosts Netherlands in the UEFA Futsal Euro 2022 final event, which will be the first four-year championship with 16 teams.

In This post, you will read to know about Futsal Euro 2022: Schedule, Final, Results, Live Stream, Standings.

Futsal Euro 2022 Schedule

Futsal Euro 2022 Schedule is as follows:

MatchdayMatches (4 teams)Matches (3 teams)
Matchday 12 v 4, 3 v 13 v 1
Matchday 23 v 2, 1 v 42 v 3
Matchday 34 v 3, 1 v 21 v 2
Qualifying Round Schedule


Wednesday 19 January:

Group A

Serbia vs Portugal (17:30, Amsterdam)

Netherlands vs Ukraine (20:30, Amsterdam)

Thursday 20 January:

Group B

Kazakhstan vs Slovenia (17:30, Groningen)

Italy vs Finland (20:30, Groningen)

Futsal EURO 2018 final highlights

Friday 21 January:

Group C

Russia vs Slovakia (17:30, Amsterdam)

Poland vs Croatia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Saturday 22 January:

Group D

Georgia vs Azerbaijan (14:30, Groningen)

Spain vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (17:30, Groningen)

Sunday 23 January:

Group A

Serbia vs Ukraine (14:30, Amsterdam)

Portugal vs Netherlands (17:30, Amsterdam)

Monday 24 January:

Group B

Italy vs Slovenia (17:30, Groningen)

Finland vs Kazakhstan (20:30, Groningen)

Tuesday 25 January:

Group C

Croatia vs Russia (17:30, Amsterdam)

Poland vs Slovakia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Wednesday 26 January:

Group D

Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Georgia (17:30, Groningen)

Spain vs Azerbaijan (20:30, Groningen)

Friday 28 January:

Group B

Kazakhstan vs Italy (17:30, Groningen)

Slovenia vs Finland (17:30, Amsterdam)

Group A

Ukraine vs Portugal (20:30, Groningen)

Netherlands vs Serbia (20:30, Amsterdam)

Saturday 29 January:

Group C

Slovakia vs Croatia (14:30, Groningen)

Russia vs Poland (14:30, Amsterdam)

Group D

Georgia vs Spain (17:30, Groningen)

Azerbaijan vs Bosnia and Herzegovina (17:30, Amsterdam)


Monday 31 January:

QF1: Winner Group B vs Runner-up Group A (KO tbc, Amsterdam)

QF2: Winner Group A vs Runner-up Group B (KO tbc, Amsterdam)

Tuesday 1 February:

QF3: Winner Group C vs Runner-up Group D (KO tbc, Amsterdam)

QF4: Winner Group D vs Runner-up Group C (KO tbc, Amsterdam)


Friday 4 February:

SF1: Winner QF2 vs QF4 (KO tbc, Amsterdam)

SF2: Winner QF1 vs Winner QF3 (KO tbc: Amsterdam)


Sunday 6 February:

Third-place match

Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2 (14:30, Amsterdam)


Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (17:30 Amsterdam)

Futsal Euro 2022 Results

The results for Futsal Euro 2022 Results will be updated on the official website. To check results, click here.

Futsal Euro 2022 Standings

Group A

TeamsPlayedWonDrawsLostForAgainstGoal differencePoints

The competition attracted a record 50 of the 55 UEFA member national teams, including Austria and Northern Ireland, which competed for the first time. Apart from the hosts, the remaining 49 teams competed in the qualifying round.

The 16 teams who advanced to the European qualifying elite round for the 2020 FIFA Futsal World Cup were awarded byes to the qualifying group stage, which would be contested in a home-and-away round-robin format for the first time, while the remaining 33 teams competed in the qualifying round.


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