EXATLON 6 USA: Who was eliminated on May 1, 2022, When Does EXATLON 6 USA End?

Telemundo Exatlon 6 USA The time has come. The fiercest competition on the planet, Exatlon United States, finally presented the new generation of heroes who will give their all to achieve victory in its new season that premieres on Tuesday, January 11 at 7 pm/6c on Telemundo.

EXATLON 6 USA: Who was eliminated on May 1, 2022, When Does EXATLON 6 USA End?

Who was eliminated on May 1, 2022:

There is no doubt that Exatlon Estados Unidos’ final day is approaching, and among the many emotions experienced during the current sixth edition of the competition programme.

Sunday, May 1st represents a very special duel for permanence, because here the finalists who will reach that final week in which everyone will be more focused than ever on achieving glory in the so-called “most feroz of the planet,” but only two will make it.

The first of May is a significant occasion in Exatlon United States’ sixth season since it is here that the landscape for the remaining athletes is established, and it is here that it will be known who will come until the very last minute in the fight for the grand prize.

With Alfredo Pang being sentenced last Friday, March 29, on May 1, it remains to be seen who will join Pang in the duel for permanence, and whoever remains after this duel will be part of the group of finalists who will give it their all in the final circuit, where we will see the teams, since those who remain will be finalists, and the fight will be individual from now on.

Genre Sports Reality Competition
Opening theme Exathlon
Country of origin Turkey
Original languages Portuguese
Production location Dominican Republic
Original network Rede Bandeirantes
First shown in Brazil
Original release 2017 –

When Does EXATLON 6 USA End?

EXATLON 6 USA: Who was eliminated on May 1, 2022, When Does EXATLON 6 USA End?

The sixth season of Exatlon United States, dubbed “the toughest competition on the planet,” is only a month away from its thrilling conclusion, in which the audience will meet the long-awaited winning duo, that man and woman who will make history by becoming the duo winners of a new season of Spanish television’s most famous sports reality show.

Although the sixth season of Exatlon United States has avoided unnecessary dramas that cloud the sports side of the competition, it is no secret that various events have occurred in the current edition that have set a precedent and drawn the attention of the hundreds of thousands of fans who fervently follow these warriors on their various paths to achieve the dream of succeeding in the intricate sands of the Dominican Republic day after day.

Among the many things that set the sixth season of Exatlon United States apart was the fact that it reverted to its roots with 24 all-new warriors, despite supporters practically organising a social media campaign to prevent athletes from prior seasons from returning. 

We’ve already noticed that the format is shifting, and two athletes have dropped out of the tournament. The sixth season of Exatlon United States is set to end between May 8 and 10, according to the video we’re about to present. In exactly four weeks.

The date is easy to determine because Telemundo’s upcoming reality show, ‘La Casa de los Famosos,’ which is in its second season, has announced its premiere date, which is November 11th. As a result, “the fiercest competition on the planet” is set to end a few days early.

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