Emile Smith Rowe, Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Wife

An attacking midfielder or winger for Premier League club Arsenal and the England national team, Emile Smith Rowe is an English football professional.

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Emile Smith Rowe, Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Wife

Net Worth:

He is thought to have a net worth of under $4.7 million. He yet makes a good living playing professional football.

His market value as of 2022, according to transfermarkt, is $47 million, which is the most it has ever been in his career. The likelihood that it will increase even further is very high.


He committed to a five-year, $6.4 million deal with Arsenal F.C., with an average salary of $1.27 million per year.

Playing for: Arsenal


Emile Smith Rowe, Net Worth, Salary, Earnings, Wife

Emile Smith Rowe makes £2,184,000 in a year while playing as an AM RLC for Arsenal F.C. He makes £42,000 a week.

The total wealth of Emile Smith Rowe is £3,874,000. 20-year-old Emile Smith Rowe was born in England. His current agreement will end on June 30, 2026.


If we look at Emile’s social media profiles, such as Instagram and Facebook, we are unable to identify the female or discover any evidence of a relationship with her.

He only ever appears in images and videos that he posts of himself, his family, or his teammates.

The important thing is that his parents advised him to give his football career his complete attention, and the obedient guy must have done as instructed.

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