Did Christiano Ronaldo Die? Is Christiano Ronaldo Dead?

Every day, celebrities are the victims of disgusting internet hoaxes, many of which are directed at their deaths.

Following the spread of a wild rumor on social media, some people have been led to believe that Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is dead.

We can confirm that Ronaldo is alive and well, and you should disregard any rumors about him.

Did Christiano Ronaldo Die? Is Christiano Ronaldo Dead?

NO, CRISTIANO RONALDO DOES NOT DIE. For quite some time, rumors about Ronaldo’s death have circulated on the internet.

On Tuesday, April 12, the viral hoax made its way into the iShowSpeed live stream, convincing many that something had happened to the Manchester United star.

Did Christiano Ronaldo Die

One Twitter user debunked the viral rumor that Ronaldo had died.

“Absolutely everyone on the @IShowSpeed live stream who saw the news about Cristiano Ronaldo’s death, it is completely fake,” they tweeted. On Tuesday (April 12), the footballer’s representatives officially confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo is not dead, according to one of the articles read in the stream.

However, there was news upon his son’s passing away as you can see in the tweet below:

“This is no fault of Speed as the chat was once again trolling and made speed believe this,” read the following tweet. Just to confirm, he is currently alive, according to the information in the stream.”

Many celebrities, including Ronaldo, have fallen victim to death hoaxes after false rumors spread on social media.

Joe Rogan‘s fans were worried a week ago when word spread that he had died. A false report contributed to the confusion.

A month ago, fans assumed Jaden Smith was dead after misinterpreting one of his tweets.

Celebrities such as MrBeast, Rowan Atkinson, and others have previously fallen victim to these hoaxes.


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