Can Liv Golfers Play in Majors 2023? All You Need To Know!

Can Liv Golfers Play in Majors
Can Liv Golfers Play in Majors

The short answer to your query is Yes, Liv Golfers can Play in Majors but only if they meet certain conditions. By default, Liv Golfers are not currently eligible to play in the Majors, as Liv Golf is a new professional golf league that was founded in 2021 and is not yet officially recognized by the major golf organizations.

However, it is possible that Liv Golfers may become eligible to play in major championships in the future if the league is recognized by the golf organizations and if the players meet the qualifying criteria.

Three LFC players who have a low enough handicap to qualify for major golf tournaments: James Milner, Andy Robertson, and Trent Alexander-Arnold. The author notes that Milner is the most serious golfer of the three, with a handicap of 3.9. Robertson and Alexander-Arnold have handicaps of 5.7 and 6.7, respectively.

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LIV players are unlikely to be banned from Majors as the tournaments want the best players on the field. LIV will likely be granted rankings status, but their events may not be worth as many points as PGA Tour events.

LIV players still have a good chance to make it into the top 50 by playing in other tours. There is a small possibility that exemptions or lifetime invites could be taken away, but it would be surprising.

The R&A has announced the qualifying events and exemption categories for the 2023 Open Championship at Royal Liverpool. A total of 34 places will be available through events held on various tours, and the number of places at Final Qualifying has been increased to a minimum of 16.

However, exemptions for players who have been part of previous Ryder Cup and Presidents Cup teams have been removed, meaning new LIV signings Mito Pereira and Sebastián Muñoz have lost their expected spots at Hoylake.

R&A chief executive Martin Slumbers previously stated that banning LIV players from The Open was not on the agenda, but he did not rule out changing the entry criteria.


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