Adam Fugitt Age, Stats, Record, Wife, Family, Net Worth, More

Adam Fugitt Age, Stats, Record, Wife, Family, Net Worth, More
Adam Fugitt Age, Stats, Record, Wife, Family, Net Worth, More

UFC: Adam Fugitt will make his UFC debut this weekend at UFC 277 in Dallas, Texas. On Wednesday, July 20, Fugitt received the call of a lifetime informing him that he had been signed by the UFC.

He would be Michael Morales’ last-minute substitute opponent; Morales is a 13-0 unbeaten boxer. Fugitt aspired to be a professional boxer his whole life.

When he was younger, he regularly assumed the character of a WWE or UFC Superstar. His journey to become a professional boxer started in high school when he began wrestling.

He started training at Art of War MMA in downtown Eugene, where he also worked on his hitting. He subsequently made his MMA debut at the age of 23. He has an 8-2 record ten years into his career.

UFC: Who is Adam Fugitt? Wiki, Bio

Age:33 Years, Born on JAN 12, 1989
Height:6’1″ / 185.42 CM
Weight:170 LBS / 77.11 KG
Association:Art Of War MMA
Nationality:United States
Pro MMA Record: 8-2-0 (Win-Loss-Draw)
Current Streak: 4 Wins
Last Fight:February 25, 2022, in LFA
Net Worth:$160,022

Adam Fugitt, a professional boxer, just made his UFC debut. He does not, however, have a page on the official Wikipedia.

Fugitt, who grew up in Eugene, Oregon, has always wanted to fight in the UFC. He knew he had discovered his love when he first learned about wrestling in high school.

Adam Fugitt’s ambition of fighting came realized as he made his UFC debut.

In the early stages of his career, he engaged in Muay Thai contests under Kobb Thongsia, spanning the length of the west coast. Fugitt wants to make his UFC debut after seeing Forrest Griffin and Stephan Bonner battle in The Ultimate Fighter finals.

Because there aren’t many professional boxers in this area of the country, Fugitt invited people to come out and cheer him on. He said that he wants to set a positive example for future candidates.

Adam Fugitt Age Details

In 2022, Adam Fugitt is 33 years old. Fugitt was purportedly born in 1989, despite the fact that his exact birth date is not publicly known.

Fugitt worked for a lumber firm (Rosboro LLC) for nearly 10 years before finding his passion for boxing. For a total of four years, he worked as an operator, lead, and supervisor.

Despite having spent a year in college, Adam does not believe he is a good student. Adam is a Jiu-Jitsu brown belt, something few people are aware of.

Adam Fugitt’s Wife & Family

There are no internet references to Adam Fugitt having a wife, hence he is apparently not married. In addition to his romantic life, he has never addressed his family in the public.

There are no internet clues of Adam Fugitt having a wife, thus he is presumably not married to anybody. In addition to his love life, he has never spoken publicly about his family.

Meanwhile, his friends and relatives sometimes make an appearance on his social media. Fugitt works out at Art of War. He said that, despite having the opportunity of training in bigger gyms, he opted to represent his little gym on the major stage.

Fugitt argues that now that he has fulfilled his long-held desire of participating in the UFC, he must reevaluate his long-term aspirations. He is aware that he wants to compete in a UFC main event.

In the meanwhile, his friends and family do emerge on his social media. Fugitt attends MMA training at Art of War. Despite having several options to train at larger gyms, he said that he opted to represent his tiny club on stage.

Fugitt claims that now that he has accomplished his longtime dream of competing in the UFC, he must reconsider his long-term goals. He understands that his ultimate objective is to compete in a big UFC event.

Adam Fugitt’s Net Worth & Salary

At this time, Adam Fugitt’s net worth has not been determined. While he has never discussed his earnings on the Internet, the average UFC fighter earned $160,022 in 2020, up from $147,965 in 2020.

Despite the fact that UFC competitors earned an average of $25,332 in 2021, 19 percent of them (116 fighters) earned less. In 2021, Conor McGregor will earn a whopping $10,022,000, making him the highest-paid non-UFC champion.


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