7 Best Miniature Golf Sets 2022

Miniature golf sets come with everything that a person needs to set up a mini-golf course in the premises of their house, whether indoors or outdoors.

7 Best Miniature Golf Sets 2022

The full starter set is the answer to longevity for any golfer either starting out or returning to the game after a break. These sets are tailored to the rookie golfer who, despite a high handicap, enjoys and plays the game seriously. Every component, from the driver to the hybrid, irons, and wedges, is designed to make hitting the ball easier. These sets include clubs with larger clubfaces, lighter shafts, and greater forgiveness, all of which contribute to a more appealing and predictable ball flight.

1. Xj Junior Golf Set

Callaway is an iconic golf brand loved by Jon Rahm, Phil Mickelson and one of the game’s most popular players. So there may be no better way for a young golfer to pick it up than with a starter set from a beloved brand.

Not only will they get Calaway’s technique, they’ll feel great wearing the same logos as some of the top pros on the PGA Tour.

2. XT 10-Piece Teen Golf Set

Same for this junior set, also from Callaway, but designed for the youngster who’s already got the basics down.

3. The Essentials Golf Set

7 Best Miniature Golf Sets 2022

Robin’s Matte Black Essentials set could win for the most stylish starter pack. Not only is the design streamlined and minimalist, it has every club you need, and there is not one you don’t.

4. Profile Platinum Golf Set

That’s how Wilson feels at the golf game forever—and for good reason. The brand’s Profile Platinum set is as simple as it gets, which may be just what you’re looking for.

5. Bazooka 270 Full Golf Set

Despite the fact that Tour Edge isn’t the sexiest brand on the market, giants of the game such as Bernhard Langer and Tom Lehman swear by it.

Its most recent driver was even named one of the top-rated new drivers for 2021 by venerable reviewer MyGolfSpy. Needless to say, the company knows what to include in a starter kit.

6. F-MAX 13-Piece Complete Golf Set

Cobra’s most high-profile tour player, Bryson DeChambeau, also happens to be the most exciting driver of the golf ball in decades.

But before you spring for Cobra’s new RadSpeed driver, you’ve got to earn it. This set is a good start.

7. XL 13-Piece Complete Golf Set

Top Flite is the brand most likely to make the first golf ball you hit. Or is that just me? Either way, the brand has been around long enough to know their way around a good starter set. Bonus points if you’re a sucker for neon.

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