5 Hottest NBA Basketball Players 2022

NBA Basketball is a sport that has fascinated the whole world for many years with many handsome and hot male players. Check out the list of the 5 most hottest NBA players of all time right below.

5 Hottest NBA Basketball Players 2022

  • 1. Kyle Korver
  • 2. J.J. Redick
  • 3. Michael Jordan
  • 4. Kobe Bryant
  • 5. Magic Johnson

Let’s talk about them one by one 

Kyle Korver

5 Hottest NBA Basketball Players 2022

Kyle Korver is 38 years old and he’s 2 meters tall, is one of the most attractive players. In almost every forum where the NBA player who arouses the most passions off the court is discussed, he is usually placed in the top positions. 

He is of North American origin and currently plays with the Milwaukee Bucks with the number 26. Kyle is known to be a specialist in three-point shooting. 

J.J. Redick

5 Hottest NBA Basketball Players 2022

J.J. Redick was a 76ers player. and in June 2019 signed a contract with the New Orleans Pelicans to fulfill the role of expert shooter for this Louisiana state franchise.

He is 1.93m, is 35 years in age, plays in the escort position and looks more like a Hollywood star than a brave basketball player. 

Michael Jordan

5 Hottest NBA Basketball Players 2022


Jordan is considered the greatest player of all time, the best paid player in history and, although he has not played for several years, his popularity does not diminish thanks to his unparalleled legacy.

Standing at 1’98 and a sculptural physicist, he marked a time when he was a total sportsman with a totally extraordinary winning mentality. He won six NBA championships.

Kobe Bryant

5 Hottest NBA Basketball Players 2022

Bryant played for the Los Angeles Lakers from 1996 to 2016. He is the NBA’s third all-time scorer, and has played 18 times in the All-Star Game, being considered one of the top 20 basketball players in history.

His career has been full of successes, although he was a player who also attracted a number of controversies.

Magic Johnson

5 Hottest NBA Basketball Players 2022

‘Magic’ Earvin Johnson has a habit of leaving everyone’s mouths agape. Until Jordan’s entrance, “Magic” was the most popular figure in the sport, playing legendary contests against Larry “The Legend” Bird’s Boston Celtics.

His talent, good fortune, and charisma make him one of the most appealing players in history. It was a unique player because it was formed in the base position, where players tend to act much shorter, with a distance of 2’06 metres.


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