5 Biggest Sponsors In Esports 2022

As esports slowly migrates back into the physical world, we’ve launched The Dotted Line to reflect on what we think are the 5 most important commercial deals of 2021 and, more importantly, elucidate the storylines that lie behind them.

5 Biggest Sponsors In Esports 2022

1. TSM, FTX and crypto: Big money

The penetration of cryptocurrencies into this sector has been the most pervasive development of 2021. Crypto businesses rapidly recognised esports as a high-growth, digital-native sector with a lucrative target population, and seized the opportunity it offered.

2. ESL and Intel keep making history

It’s hard to overstate the notoriety of ESL Gaming’s relationship with Intel. Undoubtedly now a quintessential part of esports history, ESL’s ongoing 20-year partnership with the tech giant is one of the most renowned, longest-running, and well-established in the industry.

3. Belong goes local in the US

5 Biggest Sponsors In Esports 2022

It was a good move by Vindex, betting big on a shift to physical, in-person gaming that’s yet to happen, and putting the firm in competition with others looking to establish a network of esports facilities, such as Nerd Street Gamers and Allied Esports. For a 2021 esports investment summary, head over to ESI Journalist Angels & Unicorns roundup. 

It came after Vindex announced in 2020 that it would invest $300m into the Belong brand over five years. 

4. Team Liquid gets cozy with Alienware

One of kryptonites has long been the rate of change, or volatility. The fact that esports organisation Team Liquid was able to extend its collaboration with PC manufacturer Alienware for another ten years is encouraging.

5. FaZe Clan gets creative with DC Comics

September saw organisation FaZe Clan announce a partnership with comic book publisher DC Comics to create a limited-edition comic book, featuring a number of FaZe Clan content creators in the form of superheroes — and, of course, related merch.


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